What’s new at the Dutch Summer School – 2022?

Due to the pandemic, we couldn’t run an offline Summer School in 2020 and 2021. Of course, we continued our programme with virtual classrooms. But at the same time, we invested in our future!

1. New: ‘Het Lesboek 3’ (level 5 and 6)

In 2017, we developed ‘Het Lesboek-1’ (for level 1 and 2). In 2019 we developed ‘Het Lesboek-2’ (for level 3 and 4). And this spring we’ll finish ‘Het Lesboek-3’ (for level 5 and 6).

The advantages of our method:
– it is designed for intensive two-week courses
– it integrates with our well-known online materials (#dutchgrammar / ‘Heb je zin?’ soap opera for learning Dutch)
– the blended learning method is based on ‘flipping the classroom’: super efficient!
– the themes of the materials cover typical situations of ‘Summer School’ students, so that the chance of practising in real life is maximised.

So, we’re very happy that we can offer level 5 and 6 in the exact same format as we offered level 1 to 4. Level 5 and 6 correspond to the B1/B2 level.

2. Upgrade: accommodation in Drenthe

Since 2015 we’ve been organising our programme at Holiday Park ‘Het Timmerholt’. Every Summer and Winter we rented group accommodation: a budget accommodation for a budget price, but a great environment!

The good old buildings (that you might know from the ‘Heb je zin?’ videos) were demolished last year. We decided to stay at the same holiday park and acquired our own accommodation. We have done some renovations to provide a great learning environment.

From 2022 we will offer the programme in the ‘new’ accommodation. A significant upgrade! And the good news: because we invested in our own accommodation, we can still offer our programme at the same attractive rates!

3. Programmes: dates and packages

In the past, we offered 4 possible course dates in July and August. In 2022, we’ll have:
– 6 possible course dates in Drenthe (from June – September)
– 3 possible course dates in Amsterdam (July, August)

In the past, we offered package with course and accommodation in Amsterdam and Drenthe. In 2022:
– we’ll continue to offer courses with accommodation in Drenthe
– we’ll offer ‘lessons-only’ packages in Amsterdam (if you want accommodation, you can book it directly at the Student Hotel – Amsterdam west

4. New conditions / dealing with COVID

Covid-19 will still be around in 2022. We’ve updated our payment and cancellation policies (more flexible). More about that: here.

We are looking forward to the summer, to meet our students in the real world again!