UPDATE: we notice an increase in reservations. Our 5-15 April course is almost fully booked. So far in 2024, we have received a double amount of reservations compared to last year. Courses may be early fully booked this year. That also counts for rooms with private bathrooms.

intensive dutch course for higher educated adults

at a holiday park in Drenthe

course + accommodation

10-day or 2-week intensive blocks, 7 different levels

a proven engaging & efficient approach

350 participants/year from all over the world

recognitions: NRTO, CRKBO, Bildungsurlaub

Intensive Dutch course: it’s all about focus!

A Dutch language course once or twice a week after a busy day at work?! This way, it might take ages to reach the next level … especially in a group where people skip class or don’t do the homework.

Therefore: make learning Dutch a priority during your summer holiday.

Leave the hassle of your daily live behind. Join us in an inspiring and fun learning environment, that expands beyond the classroom! Join a group in which everyone is committed to learn Dutch fast!

And if you’re travelling from another country, you have all you need: courses + on-site accommodation.

Our students

Every year about 300-350 people from all over the world participate in the Dutch Summer School. Have a look at the pictures and testimonials.


The minimum age is 18 years. About 30% is below 25, 40% between 25-40, and 30% is above 40 years old.


Participants come from all over the over the world, no specific nationalities are overrepresented. Half are expats living in the Netherlands. The other half travels from abroad to do this course.


Relocation, work, study, civic integration exam, Dutch roots and/or relatives. On the higher levels: mainly to improve the positions at the labour market.

Instruction language & education level

Command of the English language is obligatory on the levels 0, A1 and A2 (instruction language). On the higher levels, the teacher speaks only Dutch. The course is fast-paced aimed at higher educated learners.


Click here for more testimonials.

If you can’t visit our language campus in summer:


We have a (small) Dutch Summer School in Amsterdam. It’s just the intensive Dutch course, no social activities. If you’re not looking for the group experience or you just prefer to sleep in your own bed, then this might be the right choice.

Rest of the year 

Especially for the people who would like to have an efficient use of their holidays: we offer the same programme as a 9-day course (weekend+week+weekend) in January / April / October / November. You’ll have the full course, so you’ll need to ask only 1 week off of work. Visit dutchwinterschool.nl.

Virtual Classroom 

If you have different plans to spend your holidays: we offer the same educational programme online. Two evenings per week. It’s definitely not as fun as an in-person course. And you’ll miss out on all the social interaction outside the lessons! But it’s still surprisingly effective. Learn more about our Virtual Classrooms.

Programme & prices 2024

* If you would like to do a course that is indicated as ‘full’, please send an email to study@bartdepau.com to be listed on the waiting list. Indicate location + course date + level. It often happens that spots come available last-minute due to cancellations.

– level 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, R
(read: level descriptions)
– location & date
accommodation (optional)

If you choose more than 1 session: make a separate booking for the next level at a later date. The Drenthe programme is too intensive to book 2 levels without break.

The prices of offline courses include: coffee/tea/water during lessons, access to online package #dutchgrammar-1, #dutchgrammar 2 and #dutchgrammar-3 (from 1 month before the course until 1 month after the course). Book not included (€ 45).

* 1 academic hour = 45 minutes.

The prices above include taxes in case applicable:
– levels 1 & 2 are excempt from VAT as ‘general language education’
– levels 3, 4, 5, 6 are excempt from VAT as ‘vocational education with CRKBO registration’
– accommodation prices include 9% VAT and tourist tax

** Accommodation (single room with private bathroom) at ‘The Social Hub’ available (walking distance – 1.1 km), 1100 euros (excl tourist tax) for 14 nights (no refund rate), Saturday prior to course until Saturday after course – book a ‘lessons-only’ package and then contact us per e-mail to add the accommodation. Booking deadline 31 March 2024.

Live and Study together!

The Language Campus is:

  • a group of school-owned buildings at a holiday park in Drenthe
  • consisting of 2 group buildings and 10 holiday houses, renovated in 2022
  • room options:
    – shared room, shared bathroom
    – single room, shared bathroom
    – single room, private bathroom
    – double room, private bathroom

The concept:

  • leave the hassle of your daily life behind to focus on your studies
  • join a group of like minded people who all have a priority to learn Dutch
  • study in a quiet nature environment
  • live together with other students in holiday houses
  • classrooms + residence in one place (no travel time)
  • affordable programme: group courses + shared accommodation
  • self catering (to keep it affordable)

Click here for more information about our Language Campus.

Our own method (levels 0, A1, A2, B1, B2)

We developed own learning method: Het Lesboek. Lesboek 1 for level 1+2 (0-A2), Lesboek 2 for 3+4 (A2-B1) and Lesboek 3 for level 5+6 (B1/B2). This method integrates with Bart de Pau’s online materials (the online course #dutchgrammar and the ‘Heb je zin?’ videos where Dutch grammar and vocabulary is applied in daily conversations).

It’s is more than just a book: every lesson is a completely prepared set of presentations, role plays, games, speaking exercises, with a strong focus on applying vocabulary and grammar in real conversations.

Our method is based on the flipped classroom. Learn more in this article why the flipped classroom is so effective.

E-learning: special offer!

The students of the Dutch Summer School will get free access to the e-learning package during the course:
#dutchgrammar-1 (from 0 till A1)
#dutchgrammar-2 (from A1 till A2)
#dutchgrammar-3 (A2/B1)

Access is included:
– from 1 month before the course until 1 month after the course

Can’t wait? You can also buy premium access that gives you 1 year access to these packages (49€ + tax per level). It can be helpful:
– to prepare online prior to the summer
– to review after your summer school participation

Everyone can buy e-learning package #dutchgrammar (also if you don’t attend the summer course).

CNaVT Exam

Bart de Pau Language Courses BV is a registered exam institution for the CNaVT exam. CNaVT stands for ‘Certificaat Nederlands als Vreemde Taal’.

There are 5 different exams:
– A2 – Maatschappelijk informeel
– B1 – Maatschappelijk formeel
– B2 – Zakelijk professioneel
– B2 – Educatief startbekwaam
– C1 – Educatief professioneel

CNaVT is an officially recognised certificate.

– A2 or B1 may* give you exemption from certain parts of civic integration exam (in the Netherlands and Belgium), and may* be accepted in your procedure to get a Dutch passport
– B2 Educatief may* allow to to enter a university (to do a study in Dutch)
– B1/B2 may* allow you to work in certain sectors (healthcare, BIG-register)
– C1 Educatief may* allow you to teach in Dutch

* please note: we write ‘may’ -> we recommend to check for your specific situation if and which CNaVT certificate is accepted.

The CNaVT exam is held every year in May. Students of Bart de Pau Language Courses BV have the chance to register for this exam and do the exam. The exam and application procedure will be announced in the newsletter.

More information: cnavt.org

Dutch Summer School on TV

At the 4th of August 2015, at our first year, a TV-crew of RTV Drenthe visited the Dutch Summer School for an item in the regional news program.

English subtitles added. Source: RTV Drenthe.